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Founded by NiCo-T (2018) from the emergence of his groundbreaking N1 Study - Decoherence: An Exploration of Physics through the Experience of Disease; Tymmesa Lab Music aspires to lead a pioneering pathway and collaboratively engineered environment for the evolution of Independent Artists within Research-Development-Innovation (RDI) eccentrically aligned across the dynamic spectrum of Augmented Intelligence, Neuroscience, Bioengineering, Quantum Physics, Brain Computer Interfaces (BCI), Biotechnology & Data Visualisation within the arena of Music-Science Well-being. 

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Tymmesa Lab Music : Cinematic Soundscapes : Mastered with Low-Intensity Amplitude Entrainment : Engineered to Amplify the Vagus Nerve & ReAlign your Gut-Brain Axis through Biofeedback ReModulation of your Cerebral Rhythms.

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