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Some frequently asked questions about our Merchandise Store service are listed below.

Is it free to create a store?

Yes, it's completely free to open your store. There are no setup or monthly fees. Store activation is automatic so after filling in the form to create a store, you'll be able to start selling in seconds!

How do I generate revenue?

Revenue is generated through your store by selling products. When you create a product, there in a minimum price (our cost) and you can sell your product for any price above that. For example, if the minimum price of a product is 10, you could sell it for 11, 50 or 1000; it's entirely your decision. The higher the price, the more commission you will earn per item sold however you may earn more total commission by selling your products more competitively.

How do I get paid?

Your commission level is checked on the 25th of each month for orders up until the end of the previous month. If you have exceeded the minimum commission level for payment (currently £50.00), payment will then be made to you. Payment can be made either by bank transfer or PayPal. If you have not reached the minimum commission limit, your commissions will roll over for payment the next month.

Can I customise my store?

Yes. As well as creating an unlimited number of products, you can completely change the look and feel of your store by uploading your own logo and changing the colours of all store design elements. In addition, you create and manage your own category structure and you can even create custom content pages which reside on your store. All elements of your store can be managed via your easy to use store admin area.

Can I use my own domain name?

At present this is not something we support, however we are looking to add this in future. Many store owners place their store within an iframe on their own domain as an alternative.

Can I import designs/information from my main Clothes2order.com account?

No, we treat merchandise store accounts as completely separate to accounts on our main Clothes2order.com site. You can use the same designs as you have ordered previously, but you will need to re-upload them in your merchandise store admin area. There is no setup charge for print designs on merchandise stores. For embroidery designs you have previously purchased, please contact us after re-uploading the design to your merchandise store account and we can mark the setup charge as paid, allowing you to use it on your items without any further payment.

Do you have a price list?

No, the final price we charge you for any product you create depends on a number of factors so to keep things very simple, we show a full running total of the product cost during the product creation process. Remember, you can charge absolutely any price you want above this when you come to sell your product.