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Ferocious, Bold and Determined. Made for those who choose to walk a different path, in sport, in lifting and in life.

First formed in 2010 as a small local Strongman competition on a High school playground, the SMB name quickly grew into something MUCH bigger.

The annual SMB amateur championship became UK renowned and over the years welcomed hundreds of amateur athletes and thousands of visitors to our hometown of Bolton, Lancashire UK.

And as this roaring success grew, something else happened too.. The SMB name and brand became synonymous with our 'Always a Way' attitude and the total determination and ferocity of the Athletes we met and encouragd to train, compete and never give in, no matter what. 

There really is, 'Always a Way', when you put your mind to it. And that is what the SMB brand represents.

We want you to be part of this ferocious mind set. Be different. Stand out. Train hard and take on life like a Lion.

Respect and gratitude for visiting the SMB store. 

You're here for a reason.

'Always a Way'