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About RoadTrooper

Denis Smyth

So what's this store all about? Long story short it's an outlet for my creatively itchy fingers. All the designs reflect my love of travel, adventure be it on hoof or motorcycle, a result of itchy feet and incurable wanderlust. 

Over the last 20 years of wandering Europe as a landscape photographer, motorcycle tour guidel, editor at and Odin knows what I've visited manyincredible places and mountainscapes across Europe. Due to the remote locations of many, Col du Galibier, Izeran, La Bonette, Tourmaletto name but a few most of these places have a wonderful lack of civilisation far from McDonald's, Starbucks and tourist shops selling tasteless rubbish.  

And here's the main concept of my designs, while I've got the photos of my travels I've not got the fecken t-shirt!  

There are two types of customers I design for. The first type are those who share my passion for motorcycles and motorcycle touring. Each item is specifically designed for bikers to be more attractive to the opposite sex, make other bikers jealous and hide beer guts, eh, ok, that last bit is utter bollox ;) 

The second type are those who share my love of exploring iconic places as those found along the legendary Route des Grandes Alpes (D902) or the Tour de France cycling routes high in the French Alps or Pyrenees beloved by cyclists, motorcyclists and hikers alike.  

So if you've been there but not got the t-shirt this is the store for you. If you don't see your favorite place here then why not contact me and make a request for a location design?    

How does this store work?  

Thanking to new technology in digital garment printing it's possible for part time artists or graphic designers with very limited budgets like myself to open an online store like this without having the massive expense of holding stock. Each online purchase is digitally printed and made to order which takes about two weeks before it's then posted on to you. 

I'm Irish living in the Euro Zone, so why is the purchase currency only in British Sterling? 

Hopefully that will change, but for now it's a limitation of the company printing and completing the orders which is based in the UK. I've spent a lot of time and money researching all the custom garment companies similar to Clothes2Order with very poor results. Either the print itself was a mess, the wrong size or the garments themselves were of such poor quality that they woulddissolve on their first trip to the laundry.  

I'm a perfectionist, I take pride in my work and I get seriously pissed off very quickly with bad quality service or items so if these companies can't make me happy I'm going to assume they won't make you happy.  

Clothes2Order consistently pump out excellent quality prints on first rate garments such as Fruit of the Loom, Russell Athletic etc. Their state-of-the-art printing system also has one of the quickest order completion rate in the market. On top of that they have excellent customer service far exceeding their competition, these guys always answer your emails and usually within 24 hours. If there is any problem with your order, or if you are unhappy in any way they are committed to put a smile back on your face in a polite and professional way.   

Happy travels mis amigos ;)