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About OuterShell

So what is OuterShell all about?

Its the final link in a project thats been mulling around for several months.  The basic ethos is to produce great quality T-shirts with great designs on them and not cost £65!

Over the years we have travelled around quite a bit of the world taking in the sights including a fare bit of Europe on motorcycle.

As a mototcyclist, there looked to be an opening for bespoke designed shirts for some of the famous biking roads that folk have ridden and want to bragg about - Stelvio Pass - Italy, B500 - Germany, NC500 - Scotland (I hate calling it that cos its always been there!!), Wild Atlantic Way - Ireland, plus many more when we get round to them.  Even if you aint ridden them they are great designs just for an excuse for a new T-shirt :-)

There are also designs from our love of the outdoors and travelling, so walking, skiing and the like will also get sections.  There might even be a fun geeky section.

All the designs are produced by us, so if we come up with a design then it will be here.

If there is a design you would like or a specific bike t-shirt, then just get in touch and we will see what we can do :-)


Enjoy the ride and take it easy!