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About Murray Complex

Murray Complex is an online business, mentoring, brand marketing, product selling & online purchasing website founded by the chairman/president of Murray Complex Tyrone S. Murray. The business became a thing at the start of January in 2016 when businessperson Tyrone S. Murray was thinking how he could put himself out there in the business and enterprise field. He started doing drafts on his laptop for creating a website and he found it easy to start on WIX and grow it from there on. The products that Murray Complex sells are golf, clothing, life style, gifts and accessories. Those are the categories that Mr. Murray's products are in, the actual products can be anything that the company deiced's to develop as a brand. Businessperson Tyrone S. Murray started his first product in June 2016 with Murray Spring Water. From there on the company has been developing more for customers and clients to proceed growth in the business.  

Murray Retail parntered with Clothes2order on 27/11/2017.