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  • Welcome to my Malcyart Shirt Shop Offering Exclusive and Original Designs Especially for Unique People!!

Thank you for visiting Malcyart Shirt Store; a Clothes2order Merchandise Store. Our store launched on 14/07/2020.

For serving and ex serving Soldiers the designs are indexed by a Regiment Per Page. Initially the designs are aimed at Royal Armoured Corps Regiments of varying eras and highlight particular Tanks the Regiments served on. The garments are available to order by individual Squadrons, in a variety of  Styles, Colours and sizes. As the store grows, so will the index so please keep popping back to see what's new!! There will also be Tank designs for guys and girls who simply like Tanks - so by all means just have a look, perhaps a Tiger Tank design will take your fancy.

You will not find Regimental Capbadges on my designs as I do not hold a licence with the MOD to reproduce them, you may however, see them in an altered format reflecting my 'Version' of the emblem. This is what makes my designs so unique, I design and retain copyright so, this is the only place you can buy them - this keeps it very exclusive. I served for 15 years in the 3rd Royal Tank Regiment and, my artistic talents were often put to use designing shirts particularly as 'unofficial' uniform items for unit fitness training etc so, am confident I know what pleases people when wearing them. A constant source of amusement was seeing my designs worn in soldiers spare time in and out of the Barracks environment. 

Please feel free to follow me on Twitter and Facebook and, I welcome feedback on the quality of the product you receive so let me know your thoughts and even potential wishes!! Remember, C2O make the garments using my designs not me so, I need to know that my customers are happy.

I am first and foremost a sketch artist in my spare time so please, have a look at what I do on my website

I hope you enjoy browsing and I thankyou in advance for any purchases you make.

Regards and, as we say in the Royal Tank regiment - Fear Naught!