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  • Welcome to the INDY store providing clothes for those who say I'm Not Done Yet.

1. A person aged over 50 who is not prepared to accept less from life.

Us 50-year olds pluses of today aren’t the same as those of previous generations. We came of age during some of the most significant times in popular culture; we wore insane flares and danced the night away, we shaved and spiked our hair before dying it blue and putting a safety pin through our nose, we went to raves and danced all night with complete strangers we professed to love forever, we invented the term “party island” and were too busy living on it to take selfies of us enjoying it. And ultimately, we couldn’t care less what society expected of us.

We are the generation of anything goes, we have no blueprint for how to behave and what to do as a 50+, just like we had no blueprint for what was expected of us or how to behave at 20, 30 and 40. We are the pioneers, we are the first generation with this level of freedom, which can make juggling the expectations of society, our personal and physical situations along with our own hopes and dreams tricky to say the least.

We are the INDY’s: the I’m Not Done Yet’s, the trailblazers, the innovators… those who know they should be doing something. Just not sure how to while coping with a tricky hip and divorce proceedings.

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