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About Us

This brand is about showing our European neighbours that we voted to remain part of the European Union. Join the resistance - follow us on Twitter @IVotedRemainEU

The I Voted Remain t-shirt shop was originally set up on 24 June 2016, the day after the EU referendum and the same day the @IVotedRemainEU Twitter account was set up. It was set up out of a sense of shock and aphrension about what was to come next, and what was happening to our country. I felt like I had to do something - and I was hugely embarrased that the country had appeared to vote to Leave. As someone who has many friends (as well as family) living elsewhere in the EU, and having lived in two other EU countries myself - I wanted to declare, loud and proud, that I Voted Remain. I knew others would want to as well, and this was confirmed by the t-shirt sales in the weeks and months following.

The mission of this shop and the Twitter account wasn't initally to "Stop Brexit", but then as it became more apparent that the EU Referendum was part of some much bigger and much darker, the mission evolved accordingly and I make the firm decision NOT to accept the referendum result. The Twitter account was initially set up to promote these T-shirts, but it became more important than that - I needed to help to expose not only the farce and fallacy of Brexit, but the lies, fraud, cheating and corruption behind it.

It's of paramount importance that we Stop Brexit, and if we don't manage that then the focus will IMMEDIATELY shift to a "#Brejoin" campaign. With events, marches and rallies coming up - please consider buying one of these T-shirts to wear, and wear it day-to-day as well... use it to keep the issue at the forefront of the public mind, and to start conversations with people. Make sure you've revised your answers and arguments!

One of the most impotant things we need to change is that most of the British public isn't very clued up and educated on Brexit as a whole. I'm not just talking about properly understanding what the EU does for us (because our mainly right-wing media don't want us to appreciate that) but also some of the FACTS surrounding this whole nightmare. Facts like...

  • Only 26% of the UK population voted for Brexit. That's not spin, it's not misuing data or scewing statistics to suit. It's a cold, hard, fact.
  • If we exclude those not allowed to vote (more on that later), only 37% of the electorate voted for Brexit. Fine, fine, more people might have voted than in General Elections, but this is still a fact.
  • 16 and 17 year olds weren't allowed to vote, despite the fact they'd all be over 18 when Brexit finally happens. They were allowed to vote in the Scottish Independence Referendum
  • Non-UK citizens of the EU living in the UK (due to the UK's membership, of course) weren't allowed to vote - despite being hugely affected by the outcome
  • UK citizens living elsewhere in the EU (as was their right, due to EU membership) weren't allowed to vote, either, if they'd been living there for 15+ years. So just like those above, they weren't allowed a vote in something which directly and massively affected them.
  • The EU Referendum was enshrined in law as being advisory only, with no supermajority requirement, (because.... see next)
  • MPs voted to allow the referendum to take place after being provided with a Briefing Paper. You can Google it. Briefing Paper 07212 expressly alerts MPs and members of the House of Lords to that fact that 'major constitutional change is something more important than the result of ordinary elections, and therefore should be the outcome of something more than a simple plurality of the votes.'

Keep explaining these facts to everyone you know. So many people don't realise any of the above. We need to push either to #StopBrexit or for a #PeoplesVote.