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About Us

About us

Hi and Welcome to our Clothing Store.

CRUK Transparent

We are Sammy and Honey Harrison and thought we could turn our 5 minutes of fame into a way of raising awareness and funds for Cancer Research UK.

You are dropping by we assume as you have seen us on BGT 2020 so know what we are all about. But for anyone that happened upon our store by chance let us fill you in. My name is Sammy and 2 years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer and I'm very thankful to be here to tell my tale. I'm Honey and I am 14 years old being very close to my mum I wanted to do something with her to show how brave she has been and how amazing she is.

We are a mother and daughter who enjoy singing and Honey entered us for BGT 2020 and we never thought we would be what the Judges were looking for but here we are and if for a short period of time people know our names and faces and we can use that for good, then please help us do so by purchasing a clothing item in support of us and Cancer Research UK


Thank you for your support!



Honey and Sammy BGT Clothing was created on 05/04/2020.