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  • In heart and in spirit, we are forevereu

Thank you for visiting forevereu; a Clothes2order Merchandise Store.

Passionate remainers, we recognise that in so many horrific ways, the world has moved on since that unnecessary referendum in 2016.

Despite the events that have happened since, and the dreadful pandemic we are now all united in fighting, we celebrate the 47 years that we were an active and influential member of the European Union.

Brexit has not gone away, and while we cannot predict the coming months or years with any certainty, we hope that one day we may return.

No matter what, in heart and spirit, we are forevereu.

More products are coming online all the time.

Our Classic range is our smallest section. It has simple and classy designs to respectfully demonstrate our allegiance to the EU.

Meanwhile, the Our Star range celebrates the symbol of our near half century of membership.

Our largest range is the ever-growing FBPE section. It is fair to say this demonstrates slightly more passion for those who wish to proudly indulge, and it is a little more in-your-face!