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∑ R E A T U R E S Agency Ltd.

∑ R E A T U R E S Agency Ltd. is a _Talent:SonsoringAGENCY located in 56, Oxford Street, M1 6EU Manchester. Together with our partner cloths2order we provide our merchandises store for the Rainbow Warriors of this worlds in oder of your Majesty: our mascot "Empress Bijoux".


#rainbowwarriorsunite 🦄🌈


Since we have not recived full legal permit for our ✨ ∑ = B 👁 campaign yet, the store only provides the "formal" version which only includes our logo! If you want  the ACAB "ALL CREATURES ARE BEAUTIFUL" lettering on your shirt you can download the png. file on our website for free and have it ordered yourself at your local printshop (behind the curtins in some places of the world).