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After many requests for our children’s custom apparel, we are happy to announce it is now available in Canada for online order. We have the most affordable customizable clothing offered online with many personalized features for your child. 

Please note our shipper is from the UK therefore prices will be seen in Pound Sterling not Canadian Dollars. To understand this more clearly it is usually the price you see, times 1.7 to safely arrive at the Canadian Dollar.

Building Blocks prides itself in offering great designs to those who like its brand. If you have any suggestions or ideas to expand the brand feel free to contact us with your idea’s and if we put it to print you will be joyfully rewarded. 

Also, if your children want to be a Building Blocks model too, send us their picture wearing their BUILDING BLOCKS apparel to we’d love to see it.

With online shopping our cost is your cost. Happy shopping to all.

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