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About BDI

Founded in 2016, Big Dog Industries is the holding company for a number of other companies that the Directors hold an interest in. 

The companies underneath the Big Dog umbrella all hold the same three vaues at their core: Family, commmuinity, education. Within their indivdual industries - Big Dog Environmental (BDE), Big Dog Catering (BDC), Big Dog Apps (BDA), Big Dog Music (BDM) and Big Dog Sports (BDS) - all look to add value to their employees and faciliate their partipation in charity work.

One of our Directors - Matt Dodson - coined a phrase... We don't live in a utopian socety, but if we don't try to get there. whats the point? This is why at Big Dog, we don't just want to work, we want to make a difference. We will use the commercial engine to drive real change.

Thank you for supporting us on this quest