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  • Welcome to Arman Vino merch shop
  • Welcome to Arman Vino merch shop
  • Welcome to Arman Vino merch shop
  • Welcome to Arman Vino merch shop

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Arman Davinia, آرمان دوی نیا Ārman Daviniā; (born March 08, 1998 in Tehran), better known as Arman Vino or Arman Vino Lex, is an Iranian rapper, music producer, songwriter, technician of Mixing & Mastering and music cover designer.

He immigrated to Germany as a teenager in 2016 when he was 17 years old.

He organized a Hip-hop group Rancor of members called: Mahyar Wallstone, Erfan Plus 1, Hooman and Amir Ferghe in 2015, but for some reason, the group broke up, and in 2015 he decided to work as a solo artist.

Arman Vino has been produced a song for Mahyar Wallstone and released the song on Radio Javan Website.

Arman Vino, after making the song of "Saat Mire Jelo" became part of his popularity, Though earlier the song of Malake was a great hit.

He started music at the age of 14 and in 2015, he continued to work semi-professional at a home studio. He recorded his first feature at the Recording Center studio, and has now set up a Recording studio in Germany and works professionally.

Arman Vino is interested in piano and guitar, and most of his works are made with these two instruments. In 2017 he collaborated with the 4P Band Label and released the song of "Ideye Roshan" on Rap3da. As he pointed out in his short interview, he's in the style of a musical "Drake" (Canadian American rapper), "Taham", and "Young Money" group.

He has worked in a variety of genres such as Rap, Hip-hop, Trap, and Pop, and has a lot of passion for the Trap style. Arman Vino has never collaborated with anyone and believes only singing and collecting music alone. Most of the songs of Arman Vino belongs to Loves, some are related to friendships and state of injustice.